Necky's touring kayaks are some of the most seaworthy sea kayaks built today. The large amounts of volume above the water line in the bow and stern make these boats stay above the water in rough conditions better than almost any other boats on the market. Their tendency toward a dry ride make them glide better through waves and help to keep you in control while in big surf. Function based designs, no unneeded frills, and solid construction are, Necky hallmarks.

*Eliza New for 2007*
Length: 15'3.5 Width: 22 Weight 49lbs
Also available in composite at 47 lbs.

The Eliza is a touring kayak built specifically for
female paddlers with a small to medium build. The hull design helps women to paddle farther and faster with less effort. Ultra comfortable seat.

Chatham 16
Length: 16' 5" Width: 22" Cockpit: 30.75"x14.25" Weight: 59 lbs.

The flowing lines of the Chatham series are inspired by classic British designs. The 16 is built to minimize windage, have great maneuverability and superb rough water performance. The hull has a very full chine, which provides great stability for a boat of this beam and quick response to edging and lean turns. Volume in the bow is carried well forward ensuring good resurfacing characteristics when riding through wind waves or punching surf. A drop skeg, three bulkheads and water-resistant VCP hatches complete the package. This boat truly excels at coastal exploration through surf zones, rock gardens and convoluted rip tides. Polymer construction yields amazing durability and resiliency. (Chatham 17 also available.)


Length: 16' 4" Width: 22.5" Cockpit: 31"x15" Weight: 61 lbs.

Tthe Elaho is a low profile touring boat. Its multi chine diamond hull and rocker create a very playful and maneuverable craft. The bow and stern hatches feature flush covers, effectively eliminating kick up from spray across the deck and providing a clean, integrated look to the boat. A low stern deck, positive thigh hooks, rock solid pedals, and a backband make lean back rolls very easy.

Length: 16ft. Width: 25" Weight: 59lbs.

A big guys boat, even with size 13 feet. Super solid in wind and choppy seas.
Perfect for bird watchers and photographers

Elaho HV
Length: 17' Width: 22.5" Cockpit: 33"x18" Weight: 64 lbs.

If you feel uncomfortably cramped in many of today’s tiny little performance boats and are tired of watching the smaller paddlers have all the fun, then the Elaho HV is the answer. Built on a realistic scale for bigger paddlers, the HV retains all the sportiness, responsiveness and fun of its smaller siblings. There is no compromise in performance, just enough volume to comfortably fit bigger paddlers looking for good lean turns and solid edging. The HV is built for play and general sport touring. A clean, integrated look to the boat is enhanced by flush covers on the bow and stern hatches, which effectively eliminate kick–up from spray across the deck There’s even a convenient day hatch behind the seat. And the polymer construction of this offers incredible ruggedness at a great price.

Length: 17' 10"
Width: 28.5" Cockpits: 31"x17" Weight: 91 lbs.

The polyethylene Amaruk is one of very few plastic double kayaks on the market. Like the composite version, it has good stability and ample room for week or weekend trips. Its "bombproof" and virtually maintenance- free construction has made this kayak a favorite with rental operations, and the Amaruk has been the choice in several high-profile adventure races. Four flotation compartments allow for an easier self rescue. The polymer Amaruk contains aluminum tubing on the bottom of the hull to act as a stiffener. A simple center hatch (without additional bulkhead) option is available.