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Select Lanai Low Angle
Select Lanai Low Angle

Price: $149.00

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Advanced dihedral blade designs offers smooth, efficient and powerful strokes. Incredibly low swing weight, exceptional efficiency with minimal effort, these paddles will allow you to enjoy your surroundings longer while providing you maximum return with each stroke.

Category: Touring Kayak Paddles.

Blade MaterialFiberglass Nylon
Surface Area600 sq cm
Blade Area16.5cm X 49.5cm
Carbon Uni Shaft30 oz (851g)

Blade MaterialCarbon Nylon
Surface Area600 sq cm
Blade Area16.5cm X 49.5cm
Carbon Uni Shaft28 oz (794g)
Carbon Uni Neutral Bent Shaft32 oz (907g)

Easy-to-Use Feathering System

Our first goal in designing the Loktite system was ease of use. We decided to design a 2 piece paddle system that was functional, simplistic. Our Loktite systems allows for 24 distinct angle options.

With a twist of an adjustment knob, you set the paddle to your desired angle, tighten the adjustment knob and put the paddle together. Just set it and forget it. Our Loktite system comes as a standard feature on all Accent Paddles.



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