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The Akula is a Sea Kayak built for open water travel.

At home, on lake, or at sea the Delsyk Akula bene ts from 40 years of design and boat building experience. The Akula’s versatile multi-chine hull allows both at and on edge paddling, performance, and comfort.

Delsyk Design’s seat features a wedge at the front edge of the seat, allowing the paddler to customize the seat leg angle and cockpit  t. The height and angle adjustable backrest is standard, or can be easily  tted with a backband. Delsyk’s comfortable and e ective cockpit and ergonomics will keep you comfortable, even on long tours. The boat is  tted with:  ush hatches with neoprene seals, double sealed bulkheads, a sturdy cockpit rim, full deck  ttings, and the option for skeg or rudder. All of these features give the Akula value, safety and great performance.



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