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San Francisco Herb & Natural Food Co.
We grow several of our fresh herbs and spices on our farm in Central Oregon. We personally travel to our suppliers’ warehouse’s and field’s to see that the crops are grown and harvested in the proper conditions and carefully stored and packed for export. We have our own lab test and milling room in California. 100% Vegetarian Capsules

Nature’s Herb Co. - Since 1915 The finest herbs, spices and teas, backed by years of experience in preparing blends for all customers. Natural Loose Herbs & Tea Bags are packed with a NEW LOOK in clear 32 oz. grip jar.

We offer well over 1000 medicinal botanicals, culinary herbs & spices, essential oils, fragrance oils, botanical tinctures, botanical extracts, encapsulated herbs in single herb and custom blends, Bulk Teabags and a wide variety of packaged products for POP sales and gift baskets is packed fresh to order.
Our Summerfield Spice Header Tag spice line is beautifully and economically packed with the best our farms have to offer. Many of our products are grown on our Certified Organic Farm in central Oregon. Our Nature’s Herb Company package line of products is celebrating it’s 90th anniversary this year, while SF Herb has been your reliable source for quality botanicals for 35 years!
Be kind to your self with delights both subtle and spicy with herbs, spices and tea blends bulk and packaged!

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