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The following is a list of all the Categories, Products and Feature Articles on Organic Producer. We hope it will assist you in finding what you're looking for.

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Green Houses

Grey Owl




Goalpost 997
Designed for pick-up trucks, this adjustable watersport carrier allows you to hold different ...

Grey Owl Birdseye Maple Sagamore
A presentation paddle or object d'art that can also be used for easy cruising

Grey Owl Cherry Chieftain
A true classic that balances timeless design and elegance for the ultimate paddling experience.

Grey Owl Eagle Feather
Like it's namesake, a truly unique paddle with a pedigree of design patent.

Grey Owl Fleetwood
An ultra light freestyle or solo paddle for use in a modern, sleek, light canoe.

Grey Owl Guide
A rugged and inexpensive tripping paddle for bow, stern or solo use

Grey Owl Hammerhead
A white water tripping paddle with a more pronounced oval shaft, mushroom grip and a heavy  duty blade.

Grey Owl Mistral
A light weight high angle economical hibryd paddle offering all the advantages of wood and composites combined.

Grey Owl Monarch
The lightest wooden bent shaft available today. Engineered to perfection from the cobra grip to the curved dihedral.

Grey Owl Northern Light
Usage: solo and tandem deep water paddling

Grey Owl Owlet
A fun kids paddle to introduce your child to the world of canoeing.

Grey Owl Plume
A laminated economical version of the popular Sagamore model.

Grey Owl Raven

Grey Owl Scout
A basic yet elegant entry level paddle, recently upgraded with a tougher shaft and tear drop blade.

Grey Owl Sprite
 The standard for bent shaftl design. Ideal for the introduction to the sit and switch technique.

Grey Owl Still Water
An economical paddle for all levels of expertise.

Grey Owl Surf Line

Grey Owl Tempest
A low angled classic wood design for laid back easy cruising.

Grey Owl tripper
A soft flex blade that will allow hours of fatigue free paddling.

Grey Owl Voyageur
Our most popular laminated paddle combining durability, design and value.

Grumman Sport Boat Used 1
A classic favorite with duck hunters and those who fish the backwaters. Most folks who know what this boat is have had one, have one, or want one.


Feature Articles

Great Gifts of Having Children by Rev. Tim Schenck
One of the great gifts of having children is being drawn into their passions and interests, especially things you would never have discovered on your own.  

Go green with eco-friendly outdoor living spaces by C Werner
Warmer weather means days spent in the backyard with barbecues, pool parties and neighborhood gatherings.  

Greener grilling; Good for you and for Mother Nature, too by A Dahley
You already know grilling is a healthful, flavorful and fun way to cook while enjoying the great outdoors. But did you know it can also be a green activity?  





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