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360 Organics

Accent Paddles


Wood/biomass, Hydropower, Solar, Wind, Tidal, Geothermal, Ocean Thermal, etc...

AmeriMint Soil Rejuvenator

AmeriMint Spritzers

Audience Profile
Our audience profile was assembled within a 11 year period of time. We utilized key readership groups and advertisers in developing strategic questionnaires geared towards our sustainable Paddle Sports industry.

Bags & Deck Bags

Beckermills Aeration Windmills are precision engineered to operate at lower wind speeds and provide up to 60% more air pumping capacity!

Benners Gardens
For over 15 years, the leaders in deer control have helped thousands of homeowners, landscape professionals, public gardens, and growers solve their deer problems once and for all without changing the appearance of their properties. Maybe it is about time our deer fencing did the same for you…

Blue River Hybrids
Blue River Organic Seed seeks to provide organic farmers with solid non-GMO genetics with the best quality seed possible. We offer seed production, conditioning, and quality testing services to best meet the needs of organic farmers. We're proudly certified by OneCert.

Body Wash

Breaking News Archives


Burts Bees

Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss
The Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss Association is comprised of 18 peat moss producers and marketers representing 95 percent of Canada's total production.



Carls Paddlin

Chatham-Kent Organic Epicentre
An agri-mineral fertilizer and soil conditioner, which is appropriate for use with, certified organic and conventionally produced crops.

Classified Ads



Cool Used Misc

Crosby Mint Farms

Current Issue | Articles

Dakota Frontier
AC Greenfix is a new annual legume in the United States, developed as a fertilizer alternative to supply green manure Nitrogen for both organic and conventional growers.

Delsyk Design

East Coast Organics
Our mission is to promote organic gardening by offering garden centers, nurseries, and professional growers the finest quality, field-tested organic garden supplies.

Editorial Calendar
Most articles that appear in the publication are taken directly from our online editorial partners, email submissions, independent writers, list service posts, and subscriber submitted e'Newsletter response emails.

Schools, Seminars, Workshops, etc ...


A great way to showcase your monthly specials, news, new information, and new products!

Facial Cleansers & Creams

Facial Toners & Moisturizers

Fence Supplies

Fertrell's Certifiable Organic Fertilizers
One of the biggest problems facing the grower is de-mineralized soil. This depletion of the mineral content produces deficiencies throughout the food chain.


Frey Vineyards
Frey Vineyards is the oldest (since 1980) and largest purely organic winery in the United States. It is also the first in the country to produce Biodynamic® wines.

Frey Vineyards
We have always been family-owned and operated, and today a third generation helps with the production of fine organic wines in a tradition of sustainability started 30 years ago.

Frontier Ironworks
Frontier Ironworks offers a complete line of ornamental hand forged wrought iron chandeliers, bar chairs, bar stools, benches, wall sconces, metal beds, lamps, vanity and kitchen fixtures, pool table lights, mirrors saddle stands and fireplace accessories.



Green Houses

Grey Owl


Happy D Ranch
Why do so many folks get their worms from Happy D Ranch? Because our redworms (Eisenia fetida) are raised in a mixed feedstock they acclimate to any environment quickly & easily.

Happy Valley Ranch
Our fine hand-crafted cider and wine presses are a great reason to bring family and friends together this season to make and enjoy gallons...

Insurance, Natural Health, Home Remedies, etc ...

Herbal Salves

Herbal Tinctures

Environmentally Aware Decorating, Health, Beauty, Home Improvement, Crafts, etc ...

Items On Sale - Monthly Specials

Jan / Feb 2009

  • Soil Extra!
  • Market Gardens
  • Healthier Body

  • Jan/Feb 2007

  • Practical Uses of Compost
  • Stony Acres Farm
  • Addressing Risk Factors

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    Jan/Feb 2008

  • Ed Begley Jr
  • Gender Green
  • True Machinery

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    Jan|Feb 2013 Archive

    Jan|Feb 2014 Archive

    July | Aug 2013 Archive

    July/Aug 2007

  • Marget Gardens
  • Got Garlic

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    Lip Balms

    Food, Books, Travel, Home & Garden, Fashion and Health

    Mar/Apr 2008

  • IBS - Irritable Earth
  • Tomato Trials
  • Natural ... What?

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    Mar|Apr 2013 Archive

    Mar|Apr 2014 Archive

    March / April 2007

  • Spring Into Production
  • Poultry
  • Equipment

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    May|June 2013 Archive

    May|June 2014 Archive

    Media Kits

    Mikes Windmills
    Welcome to Mike's Windmill Shop! We strive to bring you high quality products at a great price! We pride ourselves in our friendly and prompt customer service.

    Mountain Rose Herbs
    All of the products processed and offered by Mountain Rose Herbs are handled, analyzed and supervised by a full time quality control department

    Mulch Layers & Lifters

    National Young Farmers' Coalition
    The National Young Farmers’ Coalition is focused on supporting America’s next generation of sustainable farmers and ranchers.

    Neptunes Harvest

    Neputunes Harvest
    Neptune’s Harvest is a division of Ocean Crest Seafoods Inc., which was established in 1965 as a wholesale fish and seafood company.

    Northland Organic
    Northland specializes in the development, production and sales of Conventional Non-GMO and Certified Organic specialty variety seeds, grains, food ingredients and animal feed.


    Nov/Dec 2007

  • The Potato
  • Organic Gift Ideas
  • Meet your Producers

  • contact us for a .pdf of this issue.

    Nov|Dec 2013


    Parametric Associates, Inc. was founded in 1987 developing a line of specialty supplements that are recognized throughout the world for their quality and effectiveness.

    NWTC - Sustainable Food and Agriculture Systems Program
    Make your field of dreams a reality.
    New! Sustainable Food and Agriculture Systems associate degree! Respecting and balancing the needs of people, planet and profit - PLUS Online Programs available!

    We restore the full spectrum of minerals to edible vegetables, fruits, nuts, & grains, as well the yields of all plants and grasses maximizing the good taste and nutritional content

    Oregon Tilth - In Good Tilth
    Oregon Tilth's newspaper, serves as a primary educational tool for the organization. Each issue of In Good Tilth offers informative articles covering agricultural news items of importance to both rural producers and urban consumers.

    Organic Seed Alliance
    Organic Seed Alliance, a nonprofit public charity, supports the ethical development and stewardship of the genetic resources of agricultural seed.

    OrgPro Video Center

    Our Vital Earth
    At Our Vital Earth, our mission is to increase awareness of the necessity to utilize natural means to convert our "green waste" into useful bi-products. Our ultimate goal is to create a healthier and more safe and clean environment for our children and grandchildren.

    Packages / Pricing
    Paddlin Magazine offers the most cost-efficient way to contact sustainable, Eco-Aware, Paddle Sport Enthusiasts in today’s sustainable and eco-conscious industry. We bring our readers Sustainable Paddling Lifestyle Information and Topics in one complete package!

    Certifiers, Eco Groups, Trade Groups etc. ...

    Paddlers Profiles

    Tips & Tricks, Shop Talk, Parts & Suppies, Manuals, etc ...


    Paddlin' Shop


    Personal Flotation Device



    Roof Racks

    San Francisco Herb & Natural Food Co.
    We have one of the largest selections of bulk herbs, teas and spices in the U.S. today.

    Sand Creek Post & Beam
    The strength, character and beauty of our buildings and the keys to our success can be found in our use of rough-cut, full-dimension wood and time-honored traditional designs.

    SanFran Herb Tea


    Seeding Equipment

    Seeds of Change
    In 1989, we at Seeds of Change started with a simple mission: to help preserve biodiversity and promote sustainable, organic agriculture.

    Sept | Oct 2013

    Sept/Oct 2007

  • Autumnal Gardening
  • Sustainability
  • Going Green

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  • Smart World Organics
    Smart World Organics, Inc. is a leading international fertilizer company, with customers in 30 countries. For over 25 years we have embraced the latest technological advances in agriculture to serve your needs.

    Soaps & Steams



    Listing of sizes and dimensions of our online ads and marketing assets.


    Super Gro of Iowa
    Super Gro of Iowa, Inc. is dedicated to giving farmers and livestock producers the opportunity to regain, maintain, and increase the enjoyment and profitibility of their farming operations.

    A favorite of plant lovers. Superthrive is not a fertilizer, but rather a tonic for transplants and otherwise stressed plants. Superthrive is packed with Vitamins and hormones.


    Agricultural testing, feed and supplements, soil, fertilizers, etc.

    To enhance your experience in using natural controls for common garden pests & problems, Effective against aphids, mites, mealy bugs, fungi and rusts, adult stages of many insect pests, including fungus gnats, Western thrips and Japanese beetles.

    The Publication
    We are a lifestyle publication catering to a Paddle Sports audience that practice the highest levels of environmental responsibility. We strive to leave the earth a better place than we found it in both our waterways and our soil.


    USDA Price Lists

    Used Boats

    Used Canoes

    Used Kayaks



    Wind Power

    Wine, Beer, Spirits



    "OrgPro Producer" Membership
    "PRO" membership access caters to the Organic Producer. This entitles you to additional editorials, production notes, farming tips, etc. Also, all retailers in this area have bulk items ready to be sold at enormous discounts. Enjoy bulk savings when you purchase with your "OrgPro Producer" membership access on all your production needs!

    Only $9.75 for a lifetime digital membership access.

    Adapter Kit Xadapt11
    The Thule Xadapter 11 is an adapter kit that makes it possible to connect the Thule kayak carriers to Thule Aeroblade load bars.


    The size, performance, and storage capacity of the AdvantEdge Kayak makes it a great touring kayak.

    Families, who enjoy paddling, need plenty of stowage and require an absolute safe boat, would choose the ADVENTURE as the most popular Canadian type canoe.

    At home, on lake, or at sea the Delsyk Akula bene ts from 40 years of design and boat building experience.

    Choose an option for Price:

    Ascend Heavy-Duty Round-Bottom Dry Bag 10l
    Ensure your gear and supplies stay dry on your adventures outdoors, even when things get wet and roug.

    Canoe Carrier 579XT
    Maximum hold, stability and protection with these custom padded canoe cradles.

    Chinook Mesh Back Fishing
    Type III: Pockets on pockets, lots of gear attachment points, plus flotation if you swim -- what's not to like about the NRS Chinook Life Jacket? Fishermen, sea kayakers and anyone who wants a vest with lots of storage will love this PFD.

    Clearwater Mesh Back
    Have a high-back touring or rowing seat? You'll love the NRS Clearwater PFD! Flotation is concentrated up front and behind the shoulders, with a mesh lower back that lets you recline and relax.

    Crew Universal
    Type III: The NRS Crew Universal PFD is ideal for flatwater boating and close-to-shore safety. No frills or fancy stuff; this life jacket just offers safety and all-day wearing comfort.

    Double End Canoes
    All models feature .060" aluminum deck caps and .080" stemcaps with special T-6 alumilite finish rivets for top strength.

    Eureka Canoepack 115
    Ruggedly constructed large capacity bag for strapping onto vehicle or transporting canoeing, river rafting or camping gear.

    Goalpost 997
    Designed for pick-up trucks, this adjustable watersport carrier allows you to hold different ...

    Grey Owl Birdseye Maple Sagamore
    A presentation paddle or object d'art that can also be used for easy cruising

    Grey Owl Cherry Chieftain
    A true classic that balances timeless design and elegance for the ultimate paddling experience.

    Grey Owl Eagle Feather
    Like it's namesake, a truly unique paddle with a pedigree of design patent.

    Grey Owl Fleetwood
    An ultra light freestyle or solo paddle for use in a modern, sleek, light canoe.

    Grey Owl Guide
    A rugged and inexpensive tripping paddle for bow, stern or solo use

    Grey Owl Hammerhead
    A white water tripping paddle with a more pronounced oval shaft, mushroom grip and a heavy  duty blade.

    Grey Owl Mistral
    A light weight high angle economical hibryd paddle offering all the advantages of wood and composites combined.

    Grey Owl Monarch
    The lightest wooden bent shaft available today. Engineered to perfection from the cobra grip to the curved dihedral.

    Grey Owl Northern Light
    Usage: solo and tandem deep water paddling

    Grey Owl Owlet
    A fun kids paddle to introduce your child to the world of canoeing.

    Grey Owl Plume
    A laminated economical version of the popular Sagamore model.

    Grey Owl Raven

    Grey Owl Scout
    A basic yet elegant entry level paddle, recently upgraded with a tougher shaft and tear drop blade.

    Grey Owl Sprite
     The standard for bent shaftl design. Ideal for the introduction to the sit and switch technique.

    Grey Owl Still Water
    An economical paddle for all levels of expertise.

    Grey Owl Surf Line

    Grey Owl Tempest
    A low angled classic wood design for laid back easy cruising.

    Grey Owl Tenderfoot
    This durable paddle is designed for the young camper or novice paddler to develop all the basic canoeing skills.

    Grey Owl tripper
    A soft flex blade that will allow hours of fatigue free paddling.

    Grey Owl Voyageur
    Our most popular laminated paddle combining durability, design and value.

    Grumman Sport Boat Used 1
    A classic favorite with duck hunters and those who fish the backwaters. Most folks who know what this boat is have had one, have one, or want one.

    Holiday 3
    The HOLIDAY is the ideal boat for boating on rivers, lakes and in coastal waters.

    Hull-a-Port 834
    This standard J-style cradle delivers superior carrying performance and protection.

    Klepper Aerius 1 Expedition
    Klepper Aerius folding kayak expedition.

    The KODIAK is a unique boat in this class range. It has ample storage space and a very spacious seating hatch which is especially great for larger paddlers. Rudder Ready


    The elegant, elongated lines makes it an ideal travel boat. The MARLIN is relatively robust despite its light weight. Rudder Ready

    Marlin PriLite
    The elegant, elongated lines makes it an ideal travel boat. The MARLIN is relatively robust despite its light weight. Rudder Ready

    Michcraft Royalex

    Nakomis Aluminum Shaft
    The Nokomis line is designed to reduce noise and blade flutter in the water.

    Nifty 385
    Delsyk Niftys are designed to paddle in a straight line and carve turns easily, just by leaning slightly to put the boat on edge.

    Nifty 430
    Delsyk Niftys are designed to paddle in a straight line and carve turns easily, just by leaning slightly to put the boat on edge.

    NorthWind-16 White/Gold





    NRS Taj M'Haul Deck Bag
    Keep snacks, rain gear, maps and gadgets close at hand with the roomy NRS Taj M'Haul Deck Bag.

    Ortleib Bag | First-Aid-Kit
    ORTLIEBS First Aid Kits should be an inherent part component of your equipment.

    Shape as part of the design not only bestows the characteristic looks to the OUTSIDE but also its splendid whitewater riding qualities.

    Paddlin' "Pro" Subscriber Edition - Lifetime Subscription
    The only National e'Publication Catering to the Sustainable Paddler!

      12 Standard e'Newsletters
      6 Pro Annual e'Issues

      As an Paddlin' Pro subscriber, you will receive extra benefits not available with the free version:

    • Discounts, Savings, and Specials emailed to you from our Sustainable Partners
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    Paddlin' Standard Edition
    The only National e'Publication Catering to the Sustainable Paddler!

      12 Standard e'Newsletters

    • Product and Book Reviews
    • Health Topics
    • Organic, Sustainable and Local Eating Habit Topics
    • Travel and Recreation
    • Special Online Coupons and Store Specials


    The Premier Series is constructed using a tri-axial weave fiberglass which increases torsional stiffness while reducing longitudinal flexibility.

    Pro Core Low Angle
    The Pro Core Series represents Accent’s most noteworthy employment of advanced engineering principles and research-proven materials.

    Our new double kayak is tremendously capable: perfect for weekend and vacation time, family travels on the lake, or paddling in the bay and easy rivers.

    Sea Kayak 520
    Sporty and Safe Sea Tourer for medium and heavy weight load. Long trips on open waters with luggage are his domain. Rudder Ready

    Select Lanai Low Angle
    Lightest and stiffest injection molded paddles in the industry!

    The Tuktu is a capable recreational kayak built for fun and comfort.

    Wild Wasser Convertible Pocket System Zip
    Our Convertible deck is perhaps the best warm weather - inclement weather spray deck.


    Feature Articles

    Maine grandmother over halfway done with yearlong kayak trip to Guatemala by
    The 63-year old grandmother set off in July of last year from Maine’s Royal River on a yearlong trip that will end in Guatemala City

    Feeding flaxseed to cows offers multiple benefits by Brianna Isenberg - André Brito
    Demand for organically produced milk has been increasing in the U.S. over the last 10 years.    

    5 Best Places to Canoe in Canada by P Westwood
    If you want to canoe in Canada you will be spoilt for choice with all the areas you can choose from in which to indulge your adventurous streak.  

    Canoe Hull Construction by
    There are general rules of thumb that help in understanding the boat building material relationship to performance.

    Kayak Hull Construction by
    There are general rules of thumb that help in understanding the boat building material relationship to performance.

    WEBINAR - Grower Group and Incubator Farm Certification by
    August 13, 2014 - Oregon Tilth has received more interest from grower group operations and incubator farms in the last couple of years than ever before. We are excited to offer certification to these unique types of businesses both in the US and abroad. The session will go over how these operations are set up, the Organic System Plan (OSP) requirements and the compliance points that we look for.There are unique characteristices of this business model that ensure full compliance with the standards.  Join us to learn more.  We are excited to offer this session in both English and Spanish!   |   REGISTER TODAY

    125-mile kayak race from Devizes to Westminster is just the warm up for Mick by
    A 125-mile non-stop kayak race is certainly not everyone’s idea of fun

    School for Young Athletes Welcomes Canoe & Kayak Professional To Advisory Board by PR Web
    US Performance Academy welcomes Joe Jacobi to their advisory board.

    Happiness - The Gardening of the Soul by Julian Kalmar
    "Happiness actions" are the physical and mental actions that naturally and automatically create a sense of well-being in us.   

    Canoe Descriptions by
    From 25 to 85 pounds, and made in many materials and sizes, canoes are a varied craft.

    Delsyk Nifty 430 On The Water by
    Crossing the fairway to Grahler ferry ( Rügen ) in turbulent wind.

    Kayak Descriptions by
    Kayaks are decked boats paddled with a double bladed paddle. Kayaks give a feeling of being one with the water as your seat is at or below the waterline.

    WEBINAR - Aquaponic and Hydroponic Certification under the USDA Organic Standards by
    August 20, 2014 - Oregon Tilth has certified organic hydroponic and aquaponic operations for many years. This session will discuss how these types of systems work and what we look for when evaluating them. Want a preview? Check out the Q & A on our Hydroponic and Aquaponic Fact Sheet. The USDA NOP has confirmed the acceptence of hydroponic and aquaponic production under the USDA standards.  What does this all mean and how does the OTCO program verify compliance?  Join us for this informational webinar focusing on these unique production methods.  |   REGISTER TODAY

    What People See In Canoeing - What people FEEL in Canoeing by Shamus Penn
    Before I ever tried canoeing, I used to see my neighbors going canoeing, and wondered why they would want to be in a canoe.  

    UT Students to Visit Wildlife Refuge by Hannah Moulton
    Paddling the ocean while dolphins play in the distance isn't students' usual winter break activity.

    VIDEO - We Have Company! by Charles Samuel
    Two Kayakers Were Paddling on the Ocean with a Big Catch When They Saw in the Water ... They Had Company

    Improving Soil on the Small Farm by Lauren Ware
    One of the biggest components of growing good plants is the soil. Simple, but many beginning farmers skimp on proper preparation of the soil before planting.  

    Choosing The Canoe Paddle by
    It's easy to make a case for the paddle being the most important piece of your paddling equipment.

    Great Gifts of Having Children by Rev. Tim Schenck
    One of the great gifts of having children is being drawn into their passions and interests, especially things you would never have discovered on your own.  

    How It's Made - Canoe Paddles by Discovery
    See how today's wooden paddles really go the nautical mile.

    Rudder or Skeg - What's the Story? by
    This is a hotly debated item. One side of the argument says that a rudder is non-traditional, not needed, and a substitute for good technique.

    New Chicago boat house to boost river recreation. by PR News
    A new boathouse has opened along the Chicago River as part of the city's effort to boost recreation on the iconic waterway.

    Turn your Victory Garden into a Vitamin Garden by T Bonnie
    It's a well-known fact that few Americans actually get the recommended daily dose of vitamins. 

    Boating is Great For Health by Mary Zitlow
    There's something about being on the water that breaks us free from the pressures and concerns of everyday life.  

    Canoe Gear List by
    Let's say that you have purchased a canoe and are wondering about other gear that you would be wise to be thinking about.

    Choosing The Kayak Paddle by
    It's easy to make a case for the paddle being the most important piece of your kayak equipment.

    OrgPro at the 25th MOSES Organic Conference by OrgPro
    If there are Organic and Sustainable production minded people congregating, you'll very likely find Organic Producer there. In fact, we will be at the 25th Annual MOSES Organic Conference in La Crosse Wisconsin February 27th and the 28th, 2014.

    Kayak Club growing in numbers, events by Tyler Waldrep
    Alabama kayak club president Brian Bartlett said the sports of whitewater kayaking and regular kayaking have less in common than first glance might suggest.

    Eight ways to get the most out of your trip to the farmers market by K Mendoza
    When spring arrives, leaves, flowers and robins aren't the only signs of warm weather to reappear. Spring also heralds the return of farmers markets.  

    How to Select the Right Kayak Rack by M. Zaki
    When you're heading out for a day at the lake you'll need to have your kayak rack ready to go on your vehicle.  

    Kayak Gear List by
    So you have purchased your kayak and are now wondering about other gear that you would be wise to be thinking about.

    67 Yr.Old Aleksander Doba Completes 6,000 Mile Kayak Trip by Susan Xu
    67-year-old Aleksander Doba made his way onto New Smyma Beach in Florida to mark the end of a 6,000-mile, trans-Atlantic kayaking journey.

    Farm bill includes support for organic, including Certification Cost Share by Harriet Behar
    After more than two years of painful and extraordinary legislative maneuvers, a 5-year farm bill was signed into law on Feb. 7, 2014.    

    Start Kayaking Now For Weight Reduction - Try Fun Exercise by Bob Jack
    The statistics show that for almost every state in the United States the population is getting over weight. 

    Go green with eco-friendly outdoor living spaces by C Werner
    Warmer weather means days spent in the backyard with barbecues, pool parties and neighborhood gatherings.  

    The History of Traditional Kayaks by P Nelson
    Kayaks date back to nearly 4000 years ago. Kayaks were developed and used by the Ainu, Alut and Eskimos  

    How to Avoid the 5 Biggest Mistakes When Buying Used Gear by Matthew McClifford
    Buying used gear can be the perfect solution for the stand up paddle surfing enthusiast on a budget.  

    The Return of Microgreens by Sandy Warthmuth
    Back in the 1980s the trend for microgreens emerged as a new fine dining ingredient.  

    Parents; How to pick the right cost-effective technology device for your child's learning by
    Americans may hotly debate testing, grading and teacher accountability, but one topic that finds wide-spread support among educators, parents, legislators and students is the value of technology.  

    The La Jolla Shores, California by Dionisio P
    July is a perfect time to experience Kayaking at the beautiful La Jolla Shores, California. You can go on a kayaking tour with your own kayak and even rent one.  

    Build a Better Bath on a Budget by J Reindahl
    Do you cringe every time you step into your bathroom? If so, it may be time to remodel. Bathroom remodels are the most popular remodeling project, according to a recent survey ..  

    Enjoy Teaching Your Dog To Swim by Kay Ringelstetter
    Since there is a swim stroke named after a dog, many of us believe that all dogs are born knowing how to swim.  

    Tiny Houses - Green Living, Sustainable Lifestyle by Geza Csuros
    Living small is living green. If you are living in less square feet, your energy needs will automatically go down.  

    Finding balance; creating functional family living spaces by R Singleton
    Let’s face it - life is busy. And one of the byproducts of a busy life is a cluttered house. With piles of paper coming home from school and toys creating obstacle ...  

    Greener grilling; Good for you and for Mother Nature, too by A Dahley
    You already know grilling is a healthful, flavorful and fun way to cook while enjoying the great outdoors. But did you know it can also be a green activity?  

    Save energy and money by catching these invisible energy thieves by T Holmen
    Today’s consumers are more environmentally conscious than ever before. They understand that making eco-friendly choices ...  

    The new world of business computers by T Miller
    Choice is great, right? It sure is, except when the options leave your head spinning. Businesses have a lot to consider when purchasing computers ...  

    Caring for Spring and Summer skin by Holly P
    Dry skin can be a challenge at any time of year, even as winter and spring chills increase the coldness in the air.  

    Buyers Guide Purpose by Paddlin'
    Buying a canoe or kayak can and should be an involved process. Paddling can make a dramatic contribution to your lifestyle.

    Making Sense of the Overwhelming by Paddlin'
    How do you know what makes sense for you? How do you separate hype from fact? How do you ensure that you'll wisely spend your money and buy gear that you'll really have fun with

    Three bad-mouthed building materials you won't believe are really eco-friendly by D Hess
    More homeowners are keeping Mother Nature in mind when undertaking a renovation, addition or new construction.  

    The Test Paddle by Paddlin'
    The test paddle is a critical part of buying a boat. By test paddling, you'll learn a great deal about the characteristics of boats and help your body get involved in the buying decision.

    Canoe Or Kayak by Paddlin'
    We want you to be as happy as possible with your boat purchase and with that goal in mind, we've created this guide.

    Kevlar Skid Plates by Paddlin' Magazine
    Carl Busjahn educates Paddlin' Magazine on how to apply Kevlar Skid Plates to boat.





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