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VIDEO - We Have Company!
by Charles Samuel
11/15/14 IjReview

There’s already enough to think about when you’re out on the water and you’re hauling a big catch back home. For two kayakers from Florida recently, there was one more consideration: not aggravating a shark.

Mark Naumovitz and Brian Nelli were out fishing last Friday, carrying their big catch—a 16-pound Mahi—back with them. But a giant hammerhead dropped in on their route. According to Sun Sentinel:

The 13-foot shark circled the kayaks at least 30 times offshore from the town of Palm Beach. It even bumped into one of the vessels more than once.

It was probably drawn in by the smell of the massive Mahi on board:

The hammerhead was likely looking for a free lunch, said George Burgess, the International Shark Attack File’s director.

Hammerhead sharks “smell very well,” Burgess said. “They see very well. They are persistent. The fish that were caught by these guys was no doubt the important factor.”
Nelli was able to drop a camera into the water to capture the whole event before the shark finally left them alone… after two miles.

The guys said that “It freaked [them] out a little.” Given how a kayak looks from below, maybe he was just lonely?



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